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NAVAJO CALLING FEST•NOCETO•PARMA•• Caronte are proud to present the third edition of the Navajo Calling Festival. The festival will take place on August 2015 on the Parma (north Italian town half way between Milan and Bologna) hills, in the small village : "Cella Di Noceto". The festival location is a ranch in the middle of nature, with a lake where is possible to fish, a restaurant serving typical regional food, and spaces for free camping. After the concerts pit fire will be light thought-out the camp to keep the party going. This edition will introduce two stages and more surprises. stay tune for additional details and info. All the details will be published on the event page ____________________________________________ FRIDAY 28 - MORTUARY DRAPE (IT) Occult Black Metal since 1986. - MALTHUSIAN (IRL) A perfect mix of black, death and doom metal. Cavernous murk. Echoing poison. Claustrophobic hallucinations. They published their last release "Below the Hengiform" Ep in 2015. - BLACK OATH (IT) Occult Doom in the name of Thelema. They presents the new album “To Below and Beyond”. - EVIL SPIRIT (GER) Doom/Death Metal from Horror Records. - CARONTE (IT) Shamanic Doom. Cosmic Energy and Spiritual Invocations. Special live set. - CHAINS (SLO) Hypnotic Dark Doom, for fans of Urfaust. ___________________________________________ SATURDAY 29 - SATURNALIA TEMPLE (SWE) Masters of Doom. Cosmic Divination and Titanic Riff for your Allucinations. - SABOTAGE (IT) Italian Legend. Heavy Metal since 1984. Prepare yourself for a killer old school show - OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US (AUS) Intense Spiritual Doom from the depth. - ALBEZ DUZ (GER) Albez Duz is about blood, occultism, the drive for Gnosis, the savouring of nostalgia and melancholy. Occult Doom Rock. - FIDES INVERSA (IT) Fides Inversa is the musical and philosophical emanation of an intricate spiritual reflection, in order to self glorify the being through the inversion of the judeo christian tradition and faith. Black Metal. - TRIUMPHANT (AUS) Summoning the infernal winds of darkness and evil - hailing the spirit of the 80s... Heavy/Black/Thrash Maniacs! - NECROMUTILATOR (IT) Die-hard metal, to drink, to smoke, to worship Satan, pussy, to love the dead, horror, depravity, orgies, bestiality, blasphemies. - SATORI JUNK (IT) Ignorance, Fuzz and Volume! Real Doom Maniacs - KAPTIVITY (IT) Death Metal & Darkness across the Abyss - KROWNN (IT) Doom Metal, in the vein of old school bands. Dark Fantasy Lyrics based on the novels of Howard, Moorcock, Martin and many more. + MORE TBA ___________________________________________ FREE CAMPING AROUND THE LAKE __________________________________________ Ticket for 2 Days only Until 25th June ------- 20 euro! Until 25th July --------30 euro! Doors: -----------------35 euro! __________________________________________ HAIL WAKAN TANKA !

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