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LINECHECK Milano Music Week

Linecheck 2023 is right around the corner and we're excited to share the full lineup of an unforgettable experience that will transcend all of your musical boundaries.

As every year, Linecheck is honoured to showcase artists that represent the forefront of national and international music, as well as promising talents ready to make their mark and who are rapidly gaining recognition. We are excited to offer a unique musical experience, celebrating the eclecticism and avant-garde spirit of the Italian and foreign music scene.


Our lineup is now complete with a diverse array of international artists and special projects. From groundbreaking live shows to unique collaborations, we have it all. During Linecheck Festival, the live performances will take place in two iconic venues. The Ground Hall of BASE Milano, and La Capsula, a transparent box-space equipped with a state-of-the-art immersive 3D sound system.

In addition to the previously announced artists, Daniela PesLamusa II and Assembly Group, and System Olympia, the Ground Hall Stage will host Italian Premieres by Gianni Brezzo, presented by Jakarta Records alongside Emanuele Triglia, 72-HOUR POST NEBBIA (a special project merging the two performances of 72-Hour Post Fight and Post Nebbia), Abadir who will present his latest work "Ison", Colloboh, and Surusinghe presented by Funclab Records. Plus, the captivating performances by Bulma Brief and Piezo.

The evening program in La Capsula introduces fresh names, including Delicatoni, presenting their special project Delicatronic, IchBinBob, by:Larm presents Johanna Orellana, kyotoMont BaudMonte Mai, as well as Ava Vegas, Maris Philap, and MSEA, presented by Keychange.

But that's not all - get ready for special performances by Heith & PRICE, Paolo Tocci, and Piezo in La Capsula, where they will showcase their talents through immersive audio experiences. In the days leading up to the performance, these artists will collaborate closely with the INTORNO Labsteam, the company behind the sound spatialization technology.

Last but not least, our Closing Party in Bologna with Robot Festival will feature electrifying performances by Marta Del Grandi and Cosmo's DJ set. They'll be joining the exceptional lineup alongside Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul.


And here's some more exciting news – the Web Radio Summit is back to foster the gathering of different radio stations from all over the world.
LYL Radio (FR), Noods Radio (UK), Radio Alhara (PS), Radio Banda Larga(IT), Radio Raheem (IT), Refuge Worldwide (DE), Stegi Radio (GR), are some of the participating ones – merging to create new connections and add content to the daily and the evening schedule, with some unmissable showcases broadcasted live from the courtyard of BASE.



Listen to the Official Playlist of Linecheck 2023
Listen to the Official Playlist of Linecheck 2023
The Opening Event at Auditorium San Fedele
is ALMOST SOLD OUT - get your ticket now!

Tickets for our Opening Eventpart of the INNER_SPACES experimental electronic music project, and featuring Francesco Messina and Marta Salogniare disappearing faster than your favorite song on the charts.
So be quick and don't miss the opportunity to live an experience that blurs the lines between art and sound.

Linecheck Opening Event
Tuesday, 21 November 2023
Auditorium San Fedele, Milan

Not Included in FULL / NIGHT PASS


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Dal 21/11/23 al 25/11/23



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