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Faster & Louder

Faster & Louder 2

Faster & Louder takes you back to the basics: great music & cold beer. What more do we really need? Ask the team behind your annual hi-octane rock ’n roll fest. Bart & Bartman, known as the rhytmn section of legendary Dutch Speedrock band Peter Pan Speedrock, want to combine beloved and established bands with young, hungry, new acts. “We want the bands that we and our generation, who’ve got rock ’n roll streaming through our veins for years, love and combine them with acts that are rocking hard right now. Rock ’n roll never dies and we want to keep it alive!”


Tickets are only 38 euro and on sale now:


LINE-UP (more tba)


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes is making heavy punkrock catchy again. The British frontman that we know from his former bands Gallows and Pure Love, brings us hard, relentless punkrock , filled with catchy sing-a-longs or scream-a-longs. 


Orange Goblin

This band hails from London, but might as well be from another planet. Its thick, pounding stoner combined with that bluesy, trippy, acid-psych sound that seems to come straight from planet Sabbath, will make your heart valves rattle.


Cosmic Psychos

One of the most notorious Australian punk rock bands, play beer-fueled, heavy-hitting punk rock with no frills and zero pretensions. 


The Spades

Straigh outta Eindhoven Rockcity, the dirty, filthy, loud punk rock ‘n roll sound of The Spades is back! Since the start of the band in 1999 until the last show n 2009, The Spades have been, shall we say: controversial? Nope, just pure uncut rock ‘n roll. 


The Queers

The Queers are one of those bands that kept the oldschool punk rock anger and bravado, long after the rest of us had kids and a Volvo. Thank God for Joe Queer, Hoglog Rehab and El Cheeto Bandito for keeping punk rock alive and kicking nuts for all of us.



Herder is harder. And faster. And louder. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the band, formed by JB van der Wal, is calling it quits. Luckily they’ve decided to do two final goodbye shows, one of them at our festival. Bring out the earplugs, or better yet don’t. Who needs hearing without Herder?


Oozing Wound

“Oozing Wound capture the energy of classic Slayer, Entombed, and punk-metal like Suicidal Tendencies”, says Pitchfork. The band likes to refer to itself as ‘The Nirvana of thrash metal'. We say they rock like metamorphism (google that). 


BOB WAYNE & The Carnies

An outlaw and a country singer with a smart sense of humour and a belly full of beer. Bob Wayne brings Faster & Louder’s own Bartje on stage with him, plus Grischa from Demented Are Go. Wayne mixes a mean cocktail of country driven, psychobilly, rockabilly into great songs with sharp lyrics about serious subjects or just simple country life. 



Northern Germany’s feral two piece MANTAR have achieved more in five years than most bands twice their age and size. The product of a twenty year friendship between guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klaenhardt and drummer Erinc Sakarya, theirs is a success story born entirely of one thing: hard work, with 3 albums, an EP and a live release already to their name. 



This UK band is described as fast, loud and dark as night. So, the perfect fit. This UK foursme makes fuzzy and slightly psychedelic post-hardcore punk. British media like NME fell for the band, as did audiences all around the UK and EU. 



Our very own Peter Pan Speedrocker Bart has a new band. And it’s as expected: faster & louder. With ex-members of Dutch heavy hitters Godverdomme and Radio Bikini, POWERNAP brings a crusty punk sound to the stage that will have you begging for ear plugs. And more.  


Faster & Louder 2

April 06 2019

Effenaar, Eindhoven

Tickets: €38,- (incl. fees) 

Direct ticketlink:

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Dal 06/04/19 al 06/04/19



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