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NEW_ID’s, Ralph van Vugt & Devi van der Horst have had nothing short of a stellar 2014 with five highly supported and tracked remixes, one of which being alongside Axwell. Their debut single on Axtone Records, title ‘Aerogames’ firmly stood its ground as a unique, energising club record heavily supported by Axwell/\Ingrosso, Pete Tong and Danny Howard to name a few. Strong believers that the big room sound doesn’t have to be all hard kicks and big synths, NEW_ID have always been centered on their origins of big grooves and emotive melodies. NEW_ID groove in all the right places and pack enough punch to hold both club and festival crowds whilst epitomizing their aural bond with Axtone and a sound seemingly immortalized in their mission to keep it off-course from the status quo. The road of releases ahead circles a global appetite for diversity – an appetite the duo are keen to whet courtesy of all their studio activity. NEW_ID point to affirmative action for 2015 having had studio time down-under with Axtone alumni, Ivan Gough, Rudy, The Aston Shuffle, and Kaelyn Behr. Paired with a relentless run of releases, the duo’s sentiments are as positively formed with a final thrilling collaboration alongside Tom Staar. Having restarted the train in Trainhouse, NEW_ID are looking to pick up the pace and surprise for 2015, as part of the new horizon that European house music has been waiting for.

NEW_ID è presentato in Italia da FPArtists

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