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Mechanical Turk hailing from Switzerland with a taste for traditional folk hymns that effortlessly blend together with modern electronic rhythms. Picking up on the sounds from his childhood memories, this Swiss-born Turk unintentionally found his way into producing his own blend of hamam house during his formative years in the Basel club scene. After a wild night out with some friends in 2013, Mehmet woke up in an alley near Berlin’s Ostbahnhof with no idea of how he had gotten there. Penniless and with no way of contacting his people back home, Mehmet decided to make his way in this newly adopted home. Fast forward to today and Mehmet has seen original releases and edits on labels such as HIGHLIFE, For Disco Only, and Huntleys & Palmers. With his newfound success, Mehmet has finally come to realize his dream of crafting live Saykodelik, Turkish Hymns for club goers around the world by mining various areas of classic folk music and contemporary electronic beats. The electrified sets of Mehmet have consistently made us bring him back to escalate dancefloor mayhem in our maze of rooms at Renate.

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