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Cristi Cons

Cristi Cons è presentato in Italia da Solid AM

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Cristi's musical mind, wired under the rigorous laws of classical music during his studies at the National Music Academy, was ready to break some boundaries and electronic music offered the perfect tools. 2007 was the year he started to make his own music. Perfectly timed, he met Vlad Caia and their friendship later turned into into a common studio project known as SIT, and their own imprint, Amphia. By now, Romania’s house & techno scene was building up and Cristi Cons’ productions pinpointed the moment this sound left behind it’s minimal origins to evolve into something authentic and more melodic.

His electronic ideas materialized into a handful of releases on labels such as [a:rpia:r], Serialism, Make Sense, Dialegestai, Eklo and the eclectic Amphia umbrella, culminating with the SIT “Sideways" album in 2016. Berlin based Meander has chosen his solo works on a number of occasions.

Amorf is the newest collaborative effort Cristi Cons is involved into, alongside Vlad Caia and neo-classical pianist Mischa Blanos. Coming as a studio work as well as a live performance, Amorf provides the perfect framework for digging new pathways, blending the musical worlds where he feels at home. Their debut album is set to be released in 2017

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