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REVIEWS "giving We Are Animal's 1268 another spin this weekend to give a little boost for the tour. Its such a classic." Tom Robinson BBC radio 6 "IDOLISE is raw, big and ace. Seems we've uncovered a growling, prowling rock beast' THE FLY Highlife guitars meet kraut-ish tendencies, synths and swooning vocal harmonies in W//A//A LONDON'S 'TIME OUT This We Are Animal album is serrated, slinky and alive with sawtooth vibrations. Dim pap, bob pop ADAM WALTON BBC RADIO WALES 'We Are Animal' somehow bring an industrial feel to indie rock. Their song '1268' is well crafted that includes a couple of nice breaks and is overall a jump around your room, feel good song MUSIC NEWS If there is a band on the line up or who are most likely to throw a cup of their own wee into the crowd then it's WE//ARE//ANIMAL" ace! HUW STEPHENS RADIO 1 "1268" is both rhymically engaging and musically daunting, giving images to that tree-bending moment from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead,Seriously,there's something about "1268" that actually scares the shit out of me! WEB CUTS This is high quality, melodic yet angular indie, produced in an impressively quick turnaround, and certainly gives those bigger names who sit on ideas for years something to reflect on. HIGH VOLTAGE They say they're animal and I'm not gonna disagree: these Welsh newbies sound like they're rampaging though a forest having sniffed some particularlytasty prey. 1268 is a feisty beast; both natural and supernatural. ARTROCKER oscillating riffery with cowbells…disco punk and big choruses NME

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