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‘Happy In The Hollow'


‘Happy In The Hollow’, quarto album degli psych-kraut-indie-rockers londinesi TOY,

è in arrivo il 25 gennaio 2019 per Tough Love.


Guarda il video di ‘Sequence One’ e ascolta ‘The Willo’ e ‘Energy’, primi estratti dal nuovo album dei TOY:


‘Sequence One’ video –

‘The Willo’ –

‘Energy’ –


TOY - 'Happy In The Hollow'

Disponibile dal 25 gennaio per Tough Love Records


1.   Sequence One / 2.   Mistake A Stranger

3.   Energy / 4.   Last Warmth Of The Day

5.   The Willo / 6.   Jolt Awake

7.   Mechanism / 8.   Strangulation Day

9.   You Make Me Forget Myself / 10. Charlie’s House

11. Move Through The Dark


Info TOY:




Happy In The Hollow is entirely uncompromising: an atmospheric capturing of a state of mind that touches on Post Punk, electronic dissonance, acid folk and Krautrock. Familiar qualities like metronomic rhythms, warping guitars, undulating synths and Tom’s gentle, reedy vocals are all in there, but so is a greater emphasis on melody, a wider scope, and a combining of the reassuring and the sinister that is as unnerving as it is captivating.' 


The sound has without doubt expanded — and grown more confident — in part because

this is the first album for which Toy has become a self-sufficient five-person unit doing everything for themselves.


“Each song was a blank canvas,” says Maxim. “Producers inevitably develop their own patterns over

time, right down to certain drum sounds. We were starting from scratch and it felt very creative as a

result. It’s an album we feel deeply connected to”.



Since 2010, Toy have earned a reputation as a band of integrity, virtuosity and taste, with Tom, Maxim, Dominic, Charlie and (joining in 2015) Max creating a sound that is embedded in the underground tradition, yet distinctly their own. Since their inception, they have released the acclaimed albums Toy (2012), Join The Dots (2013) and Clear Shot (2016), and toured everywhere from Serbia to China.


TOY are: Tom Dougall (vocals / guitar), Dominic O’Dair (guitars), Maxim Barron (bass / vocals), Max Oscarnold (synths / modulations) & Charlie Salvidge (drums / vocals).






TOY è presentato in Italia da DNA CONCERTI

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