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Formed in 2007, The Moorings are a French band drawing inspiration from their Irish roots. Exclusively acoustic at first, the group developed their sound to encompass electric instruments whilst song writing. In 2012, The Moorings supported the Dubliners for their 50th anniversary show at La Cigale in Paris as well as for the 30th anniversary of The Pogues at L’Olympia in Paris. Faithful to the Irish folk traditional themes, The Moorings revive an anachronistic songwriting by infusing a solid dose of punk rock energy into it. "Pints & Glory", the 1st album of The Moorings has been released the 17th of October 2011. The second record "La cigale unplugged (live)" came out in 2013. « Since we first played a festival with The Moorings last summer, I've been a huge fan. They're like a cross between The Pogues, The Dubliners and themselves. In other words they're unique, they've got their own individual sound whilst incorporating other influences of an Irish/punk style... I'm gonna let y'all in on a "secret", it's been my great wish to produce a cd for them... Well we all have dreams don't we? »

THE MOORINGS è presentato in Italia da CORNER SOUL

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