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e it is, the new album from the GEE STRINGS. 'A Bunch Of Bugs' bashes out 12 primal cuts of classic '78 - '80 US punk. Takin cues from some of the greats like the Heartbreakers, Germs, Avengers, and even a dash of Birdman, you can picture 'Let's Make Up And Scr*w' blarin out of the rickety, dis-sheveled speakers of Max's Kansas City in '78! One of the things that seperates The GEE STRINGS from any other band is their stylistic individuality. Ingi's rough n raspy voice adds a very unique dynamic to the band; mainly because she doesn't go for the sexy, sultry delivery that most female front-woman opt for. On the converse she opts for the more gravelly, femme-snarl ala Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex) and Mia Zapata (The Gits) that's become the backbone of the GEE STRINGS sound over the years. And Ingi's vocals strongly complenant Bernadette's signature Thunders, Chrome, Tek guitar stylings that solidifies the GEE STRINGS sound.

THE GEE STRINGS è presentato in Italia da OTIS TOURS

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