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"In which a bunch of underfed deviants from Portland, with skinny ties hanging loosely from their scrawny necks, and rat-hole apartments stuffed with old 70s power-pop singles and tattered Elvis posters, make a record and save rock’n’roll. I mean, that’s definitely the plan here. And I’m on board. Despite the tumbledown image and open affection for rubber-legged, safety-pin punk, Dangerous Game is actually a tight and extremely well-crafted album full of jukebox-worthy insta-hits. From the glam-slamming opener Discotheque to the hand-clapping teenage angst anthem Nowhere To Go, to the sugary-sweet power(pop) ballad Same Old Story,Dangerous Game is a non-stop joyride of everything you’ve ever loved about music.

THE CRY è presentato in Italia da OTIS TOURS

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