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Tenfold Rabbit is a four-piece group formed in late 2011 with the aim of participating in Noortebänd - a yearly nationwide competition of bands held in Estonia. Although the band whose creation can be categorized as pop- or indiefolk started out with no particular ambitions they found themselves on a journey down the rabbit whole after releasing their first hit song and video single "Oblivion". Parallel with performing at numerous festivals all over the Baltic States in the summer of 2012 Tenfold Rabbit recorded their debut album "Travel the World" released in November 2012 and titled as Indie/Alternative Album of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards Gala. The year 2013 started for the band with their first international tour followed by a tight schedule of performances in Estonia and a fully booked festival summer in their home country and abroad. More productive than ever Tenfold Rabbit (with Andres Kõpper as leadsinger and accordionist, Meelik Samel on bass, Jaan Jaago on guitars and Mikk Simson behind the drumset) has released three singles named "Balance of Water and Stone", "Fools" and "Warm Wave" from their second album planed to be released in late 2013. Andres Kõpper - Lead vocals, piano Jaan Jaago - Guitar Meelik Samel - Bass Oliver Rõõmus - Drums and percussion

TENFOLD RABBIT è presentato in Italia da ROCKETTA

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