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[Talulah Gosh] Talulah Gosh are the big shebang. Backwash is the complete discography of their works. There are few bands that define an era and Talulah Gosh were one of them. Spin this and go back to those carefree youthful days. Today, Talulah Gosh are more famous (infamous?) than they were when they existed way back in 86-87, before they spawned the infamous darlings of pop, Heavenly. Accused of being too cute, much like their counterparts Beat Happening, Talulah Gosh were a nasty group of sly hipsters. Peel back the tra-la-la's and the honey sweet harmonies and you get sex, anger, and attitutde galore. But you also get youthful [Image] enthusiasm, super-charged live performances, punk rock idealogy, and smiles galore. Just one listen to the song "Talulah Gosh" with its choir-like harmonies and jangly guitars slowly whipping up the pace to a frenzy, and you are hooked. Backwash is a collection of the Talulah Gosh singles, the Rock Legends 69 lp, their Peel Session and various live recordings. This assortment of songs will give you all the proof you need regarding the unprecedented importance of Talulah Gosh. Perfect for those who missed the beginnings of indie's now all on CD for the first time. But perhaps the double vinyl will be more nostalgic. Decisions, decisions. "Pop incarnate--fun, uncontrived, innocent, joyful...Talulah Gosh are the best band in the world, no contest!" Melody Maker. [Band][SHOP][Band Index] Southern Studios - PO Box 59 London N22 4NS England

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