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The Space Cossacks were Washington, DC's premier all-instrumental surf combo from 1996 until 2000. We released two full-length CDs (both on MuSick Recordings), 1998's "Interstellar Stomp" and 2000's "Tsar Wars," three split vinyl EPs, and a bunch of compilation-only tracks (including tributes to the Ventures, the Shadows and Link Wray). A retrospective compilation CD "Never Mind the Bolsheviks" was released in 2005 on MuSick Recordings. We also played and toured everywhere from Boston to Atlanta to Seattle to Huntington Beach, CA and many points in between, before the band broke up in 2000. We got a lot of critical and fan acclaim and were recognized as one of the top surf/instro acts of the nineties surf music revival. Thank you to those of you who supported our band through our four years together. We had a wonderful time, and made many memories, as well as much music of which we are very proud.

SPACE COSSACKS è presentato in Italia da OTIS TOURS

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