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Rafter Roberts stands no taller than the normal human male… yet his fiery red-haired head is filled with the minutiae of music, swirling and churning constantly. Fortunately this leaves little room for fear, of which Rafter has nearly none. When not making music for commercials, Rafter is recording/engineering/mastering tons of music that he digs: from Fiery Furnaces to Black Heart Procession to Sufjan Stevens to Hot Snakes, he has a knack at knowing what to do behind those big ol’ boards. But the list is even longer...Castanets, Rocket From The Crypt, Arab on Radar, The Rapture, The Album Leaf, Tristeza, The Peppermints, Rogue Wave, Tarantula Hawk, Maquiladora, and many more. His latest EP, Sweaty Magic, is the ultimate booty cap to Summer Oh-Eight's globally-warmed love-exhaust festival. Listeners taking a break from the floor to get another organic mojito-flavored energy drink might hear swirls of Tom Ze, Prince, Clipse, Zapp & Roger, Mr. Fingers, and D'Angelo staying up late in some non-exclusive beach rave with glowing extraterrestrial energy spheres.

RAFTER è presentato in Italia da INTERBANG FOLK WISDOM

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