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President Bongo ex GusGus

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Stephan Stephensen aka President Bongo wears many hats, but likes to refer to himself as ‘an emotional carpenter’. And the name is fitting: throughout his illustrious career, Bongo has built, tooled, shaped and reconstructed reality in a manner that has touched upon the emotional spheres of thousands, greatly increasing their quality of life and inner harmony in the process.

President Bongo began properly mastering his craft as a founding member of the pioneering electronic band GusGus, which has steadily gone from strength to strength since forming in 1995. As GusGus evolved and progressed through the years Bongo remained a key element, making innumerable contributions to its ongoing success through his work, which ranged from design, film & photography to singing, songwriting & production.

In spring 2015 President Bongo left GusGus to concentrate on his own solo career and now releases the project “Serengeti” via AlbumLabel in October 2015.

President Bongo ex GusGus è presentato in Italia da INTERBANG FOLK WISDOM

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