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Rolling Stone Magazine (Germany) have “…great expectations for Phia's debut album” and it's hard not to see why. The Berlin-based Australian uploaded her track “Do You Ever?” to her Soundcloud page in late 2013 and it quickly racked up nearly 30,000 plays, featuring on MTV's “Faking It”, receiving regular rotation on Berlin radio and prompting Indie Shuffle to dub her “one of the most underrated of Australia's musical exports”. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Phia, otherwise known as Sophia Exiner, studied classical and improvised piano at university, before growing restless and moving to Berlin, Germany. Anonymous and liberated, she played every small bar in the city, toting her african kalimba and loop pedal in her bicycle basket and making her trademark “…hypnotic, joyful, [and] definitely-danceable” pop music (Match Musik). Slowly but surely Berlin started to fall in love with her. Recently invited by Rolling Stone Magazine (Germany) to record a David Bowie cover for a special CD compilation, Phia and her producer Josh Teicher are finishing the mixing of the album this summer, in-between touring and playing festivals.

PHIA è presentato in Italia da ROCKETTA

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