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OBITUARY è presentato in Italia da HUB MUSIC FACTORY

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OBITUARY Il suono della morte. Dopo l' esibizione al Gods Of Metal dello scorso giugno, OBITUARY tornano in Italia! Gli Obituary sono i fondatori del death metal di scuola americana, insieme a Death (gli intellettuali), Morbid Angel e Deicide. Il death degli Obituary deriva dal metal apocalittico dei Celtic Frost e dal thrash più estremo (Slayer su tutti), condotto al disfacimento completo, a un suono corrotto fatto di chitarre lente e mostruose, di accelerazioni improvvise, di versi gutturali e di testi morbosi e sanguinari. Il loro ultimo album e' Frozen In Time (Roadrunner Records). WITH XECUTIONER'S RETURN, OBITUARY DELIVER WHAT MANY ARE ALREADY CALLING 2007'S MOST ANTICIPATED METAL ALBUM. Stunning return to form from the legends of claustrophobic death metal. Like the fist time you listened to “Slowly We Rot “ and “ Cause Of Death”, “Xecutioners Return” will leave the same lasting impression. A true classic in the making…. Hitting stores on August 27th, the album's release date triggers the start of a year-long media and touring blitz that will find this legendary Florida-based death metal band gracing magazine covers the world over. With a multi-tiered international touring plan, extensive promotion and marketing detail already in progress, Xecutioner's Return is expected to become the best selling album in Candlelight's history. Obituary's core of vocalist John Tardy, drummer Donald Tardy and guitarist Trevor Peres came together in 1984 forming what would become one of death metal's most successful and respected bands. Releasing the majority of their material for Roadracer, a now defunct division of Roadrunner, the band signed to London-based Candlelight Records in May of 2007. Since the union, Obituary have already kicked their aggressive touring plans into action, with visits completed to Australia & South America. The band is next scheduled for festival dates in Europe followed by the first of several US tours.

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