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Immigration Unit

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MMIGRATION UNIT is an eclectic Alternative Rock band from Pangea.


Hypnotic, reflective and sometimes controversial, IU songs weave together the rhythmic textures and sounds of electronic music with old school guitar-driven-rock riffs, the classic aura of a grand piano and roaring-detuned synthesizers, bound together with unorthodox, dreamy, introspective lyrics.  

Pop, rock, folk and electronic music are all blended together, to shape a universal yet multi-layered and emotive songwriting style.

They recently published their single “WASTING MORNINGS”, followed by a release tour in JAPAN and in LATVIA. On the 29th of June they will release their EP SOFA HEROES.

The EP features the songs SOFA HEROES, WASTING MORNINGS and FAR INSIDE (live) and two remixes produced by Manuel Gagneux (Aka Birdmask - leader of the band Zeal & Ardor) and Arhtur Hnatek (Berlin based drummer and producer, formerly in Tigran Hamasyan Trio).

Immigration Unit è presentato in Italia da VERTIGO CONCERTI

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