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Formed back in late 2011, the psych-rock quartet are becoming circuit stalwarts, having appeared at Paris Psych Fest, Primavera Sound and South by Southwest in recent years. Their first two albums have seen them grow an interested group of followers, who won’t be disappointed by this latest output, to be released on 28th September.

Modern Jungle’s Prisoners is a reflection on contemporary urban living, viewed through an eerie and somewhat twisted lens. You can imagine these songs featuring on a David Lynch soundtrack, playing in a creepy house while someone creepy does something creepy to someone else. You get the picture.

The album’s atmospheric opener ‘Peeling Clouds’ sets the scene for what’s to come, its growling, distorted riffs getting you in the mood for more. Lead single ‘Demons Are Closer’, landing towards the end of the record, is undoubtedly a standout track. What it lacks in lyrical complexity it more than compensates for in its brash and full-blooded energy, with the heavy, chugging rhythm breaking down into a noodly guitar-led breakdown. The single’s video is also not to be missed – a psychedelic fairytale which sees the band struggling to escape from a trippy, haunted jungle – a far cry from the piazzas of Florence.

GO!ZILLA è presentato in Italia da ASAP Arts

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