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FULkANELLI is a duo devised by the magic drummer Paolo Mongardi (ZEUS!Fuzz Orchestra) and the Grand Master of the 6 Strings Cristian Naldi (RoninMyse En Amibe).

After their debut on the "AGGARBATOO Vol. 1”, split-tape with Belokurov VS Marziano and the first S/T CD (which came out in an amazing packaging made of steel and wod and limited to 100 copies), they finally release a full-lenght, out on vinyl and co-produced by Lemming Records and NO=FI Recordings.

This album comes as a long impro suite, divided on 2 Sides, inspired by the Kepler's cosmograpger mistery and his conception of celestial-harmonic relationships, based on geometrically supported musical ratios: an interesting and original mix of Free-Avant Rock70s ProgKrautLibrary Music and an Italian Soudtrack aftertaste. Common ingredients and interests of the so called Italian Occult Psychedeliascene. And this is a masterpiece in his genre!

It's pressed on clear vinyl and it comes into screenprinted PVC bags: artwork inspired by the Kepler's theory and made by Re Delle Aringhe.

FULkANELLI è presentato in Italia da SCARRYMONSTER

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