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JG Thirlwell.. conceived Manorexia in 2001 and has released three albums to date: "..Volvox Turbo.." ,"..The Radiolarian Ooze.." & "..The Mesopelagic Waters..", available through made his first live performance as Manorexia in Russia in 2006, having rearranged the material to be played by string quartet, piano, percussion and laptop. The first version of Manorexia consisted of the Real Quiet ensemble with Russian string players. JG has since formed separate Manorexia ensembles in NYC and London. Manorexia has played at All Tomorrow's Parties, The Whitney Museum, Bang On A Can marathon, Brainwaves Festival and several times at The Stone NYC. ...... Booking for UK / EU contact .... ..Canaries In The Mineshaft.

FOETUS è presentato in Italia da INTERBANG FOLK WISDOM

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