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Emma Ruth Rundle

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" Emma Ruth Rundle released one of last year’s most darkly beautiful records in Marked for Death. It cemented her work beyond her time in Marriages and Red Sparowes, showing how intricate, yet subtly expressive she can be. This February, she’s set to release The Time Between Us, a new split EP with Jaye Jayle — the solo project of Young Widows’ Evan Patterson — on Sargent House. Today, she’s premiering “The Distance,” a five-minute epic that expands upon what she accomplished on Marked for Death. Her voice sounds otherworldly; there’s a mystical quality to her singing that displaces you from wherever you’re hearing it. The guitars are understated, strumming sounds that seem to reverberate out into the stars. The atmosphere shifts, Rundle’s crooning becoming more intense and heartfelt over the rest of the songs. It’s an overture for something bigger, how much further she can go. Hear the song below, pre-order The Time Between Us from Sargent House, and catch both Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle on tour in Europe" -CLRVNT

Emma Ruth Rundle è presentato in Italia da SWAMP BOOKING

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