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Chuck Fenda - Biography

Chuck Fenda, born Leshorn Whitehead on June 15th 1974 in Brooklyn NY, also called

‘Di Living Fire’, is an internationally known Reggae Artist based in Jamaica.

He was brought to lije in Jamaica, by his mother at the tender age of six weeks. Raised

solely by his grandmother in a community on the outskirts of Spanish Town, Fenda

completed primary education and started his secondary level education at Jonathon

Grant High but later returned to America where he attended Winsor High School in

Connecticut. Fenda returned to Jamaica shortly after graduating from Winsor to pursue

his love for music and to reconnect with the people, whose spirit and culture shaped


Fenda spent the next few years travelling between New York and Jamaica honing his

deejaying skills and at King Jammy’s studio where under the tutorage of the legendary

producer “King Jammy” James and he went on to release his first debut single titled

“Shut Yuh Mouth when Bad Man Talking” on the Tight Clothes Riddim by King Jammy’s

son John John, which he then followed with “The Glue”.

Impressed by Fenda’s talent and skills King Jammy invited him to record on the

Jammy’s label, on which he recorded his first big hit “Jah it’s All About You” on Jammy’s

Drop Money Money Riddim in 1996, and was featured on several charts in Jamaica and

throughout the Caribbean prompting Fenda’s first music video, which was also well

received by Jamaican and Caribbean audiences. This success gained him popularity

and respect, and opened the doors for him to record with several other well-known

producers including Shocking Vibes with whom he released the single “Fat Round Yah”.

In 1997 Fenda relocated permanently to Jamaica and King Jammy’s where he focused

on his career and was able to establish himself as a strong force in dancehall. Over the

next couple of years Fenda churned out many hit tunes, which helped solidify his

presence in the music industry. In 1998 he released his second big hit “Mi See It Clear”

(Rat Race) on the Joint Riddim produced by T.J. (Jammy). These well noticed efforts

were however over shadowed by the release of his next single “Bada Bada” which went

to #1 one the Jamaican Chart and in the top 10 charts on various Caribbean Charts and

received heavy rotation on the air waves. He then went on to release more dancehall

hits like “Right Time Come” on the Ticks Riddim, “Lift it up” on the then popular Bellyas

Riddim with a video that created a buzz, Fenda’s songs were on heavy air rotation as

he kept himself relevant in the public’s eye and delivering stage shows.

In 2000 Fenda made his departure from the Jammy’s family and joined the Fifth

Element Family with whom he underwent a noticeable and now much recognized and

appreciated transformation. Fenda became a Rastafarian as he embraced (their/ the

fifth element) Rastafarian way of life (as/while) he matured both musically and mentally

and adopted the title “Poor People Defender” with his focus on creating heart felt and

relatable lyrics about the plight of the poor and indulged his female fans with songs

glorifying, highlighting and celebrating their Black beauty.

Fenda stayed with the Fifth Element Family for five years during which he produced

songs like “Life Ruff Out Deh” a number one hit as well as others such as “Better Days”,

“ I Swear”, “prayer, “Can’t Stop Try, ‘ Respect Mama”, Stick To one Man”, and “Bun

The Fire Red” to name a few which were all apart of his 2004 awe-inspiring debut album

entitled ‘Better Days”.

His “Afromantic” character of glorifying black women was revealed in the Living Fire

album released in 2007 by Greensleeves Records. This album featured his

collaboration with Cherine Anderson on the hit single “Coming Over Tonight” which

quickly rose to #1 on the local charts and remained in the Top 30 for 26 weeks.

Chuck Fenda continued on his journey, spreading the word of Jah amongst his

listeners, and in 2013 released the album ‘Jah Elements’.

He is currently recording his sixth studio album in Jamaica, to be released in the spring,

and touring internationally, with his next European tour kicking off in March 2016.

CHUCK FENDA è presentato in Italia da ALMIGHTY ONE

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