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Led by erstwhile Firewater co-conspirator and international piano man Paul Wallfisch, Botanica is a band named for those mysterious stores stocking spells, potions and artifacts of ritual. Botanica makes punk rock chamber music for the 21st century. Paul's gypsy past has taken him to 40 countries, including performances of various sorts in in China, Finland, Indonesia and Guinea--where he became an overnight sensation lipsynching on the only TV show in the land. Past lives saw collaboration with Love & Rockets, Congo Norvell, Stiv Bators, Syl Sylvain, Stan Ridgeway and a parade of French people as diverse as Anne Pigalle and Johnny Hallyday. Bridging the gap between Secret Machines and The Dresden Dolls, Botanica produces dark, gritty, epic, and sexy music that is neither blind to politics nor ignorant of romance. Called the sonic equivalent of an Aki Kaurismaki film by Intro Magazine (Germany), Botanica's music was also recently described in the New Yorker as "...trafficing in sonic noir with an undercurrent of sinewy menace...sinister sophisticates providing the perfect soundtrack to the after-hours, urban experience." For Malediction, (Checkered Past Records), Botanicas first album, front-creature Wallfisch joined forces with legendary bass goddess Abby Travis (Beck, KMFDM), and Ivan Knight (Friends of Dean Martinez,). The illustrious guests included Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), Frankie Infante (Blondie), and Kid Congo Powers (Nick Cave, Cramps). "Grandeur, sweep, romance & edge", wrote the Boston Globe. "Dark & angry fun", added The Big Takeover. "Tabloid narratives about dysfunction dementia and doom...lush beauty you can sink your teeth into," from The L.A. Weekly. Botanica toured nationaly from 1999-2002, including support dates with 16 Horsepower, Super Furry Animals and Rocket From the Crypt. With All Seven Fingers (Subway Records/Alive), the bands second album, was released across Europe to rave reviews in October 2002. Recorded on tour in Chicago and in Brooklyn at both Martin Bisis legendary cave and Tamir Muskats (Big Lazy) Vibramonk. With All Seven Fingers picked up where Malediction left off, casting its spell through twelve magic tracks of sultry grooves, leering waltzes, fragile beauty and flat-out rock n roll. The opening track, "Complicated Life", boasts a little conversation between Al Sharpton and superstar of the future Roman "baby doc" Casper. Kid Congo takes a star turn as the Barry White of indie rock on the spellbinding "Power." Planning insurrections from their current home in New York, Botanica first invaded Europe supporting 16 Horsepower to sold-out theatres in 5 countries. The band has since returned to Europe six times in the last 4 years. The L.A. Weekly wrote that Botanica "should be inducted into the underrated hall of fame." Positivirages (France), wrote of the "...incomparable songwriting, Botanica delivers a veritable masterpiece reminiscent of the best of Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Visions (Germany), gave the album 9 out of 10 stars and With All Seven Fingers was in the top ten on their critics list. Botanica contributed the track "Broken Bicycles" to the Tom Waits tribute album New Coat of Paint released on Manifesto Records and also featuring Screaming Jay Hawkins, Carla Bozulich, Lydia Lunch and Sally Norvell accompanied by Paul at the ivories. Botanica's music has been used in several films including "Men Cry Bullets" (Phaedra), and The Takedown (Dimension/Miramax). Botanica, (with ex-Jesus Lizard David Sims), is featured in Greg Pritikens film "Dummy" (Artisan Entertainment), starring Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich. Paul also scored the film. (Soundtrack on Jellybean/SONY) Summer 2003 found the band touring France for the first time and returning to Germany to begin recording their third album Botanica vs. the Truth Fish, a vivid collection of sexy, swampy political mayhem that puts Botanica in a class by itself. The album, completed at Pete Mins Fallout Shelter in Brooklyn and Pauls basement in Harlem, features cameos from guitarist Oren Kaplan (Gogol Bordello, Firewater) and the Meredith Yayanos string trio (Walkmen, Wilco); and a cover courtesy of renowned Brithish painter Dexter Dalwood. Following a recent Tonic appearance, Trifecta Newsletter wrote: "Botanica might be the best band in Manhattan right now: eerie, reverb guitar, macabre piano, powerful vocals, intense lyrics and a riveting, uncompromising live show." B. vs. the T.F. was released on Rent A Dog/Alive (Germany) in Feb. 05. Among TV and radio appearances in several countries, the band taped a full concert for the legendary Rockpalast show on Germanys WDR. "Berlin Hi-Fi" Botanica's 4th album came out in May '06 and was featured as a Visions Magazine "Beauty of the Month." Botanica's latest is "The Magnetic Waltz," comes out May 1st 2007. (Rent A Dog/Alive/Itunes etc...) 4 weeks from first note recorded to mastering, the new album is the best damn mashup we've produced to date--if we do say so ourselves. And Herr Bongers mastered the doghouse bass in not much more time than it took to buy the tape--(yes tape). From Pop to Purgatory in 11 easy pieces. And featuring La Valse Magnetique en francais. European tour presented by Visions Magazine, Westzeit and Motor FM begins May 10.

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