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ast year, Touch Music brought us fantastic albums from Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, and Oren Ambarchi, among others. They're starting off 2005 on the right foot with a fine new release from BJ Nilsen, who has been recording under the name Hazard for a number of years. The incredibly powerful and dynamic tracks on Fade to White were created by layering field recordings from Central and Eastern Europe over studio recordings of acoustic and electronic instruments. Nilsen's editing and processing renders the original sounds virtually unrecognizable, transforming them into beautifully resonant and complex drones that gradually build to overwhelming crescendos. BJ Nilsen's compositions have a unique naturality. Though they don't exactly sound organic, they never drift too far in the direction of the cold digital world of laptop music. Fade to White is nuanced, melodic and highly listenable, an especially bright highlight in the Hazard discography

BJNilsen è presentato in Italia da SHAKTI MUSIC

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