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That there are stories in everything is something that inspires songwriter Amarins Romkema. The band Amarins came into being in the search for the perfect musical frame for her 'story songs'. For some years she played with Amarins & le gatte negre, the successful and cheerful sailor swing band. In 2013 it was time for new collaborations, new arrangements and new songs. The new songs are more intense and arrangements became very rich with help from the experiences of her new musicians. The combination of Amarins' experience in theater and as a singer-songwriter, with the Balkan influences of Fiora Beuger on accordion, the gypsy-swing of Donné la Fontaine on double bass and the flamenco of Juri Kuefner on percussion makes it a very interesting musical melting pot. The band stands out in the way they move between one musical style and the next with ease, mending them together and seeking out the boundaries of their collective musical background. Besides music Amarins Romkema writes scripts for film (prizewinning films Papa's Tango and Anouar and the Moon) and theater.  Bandmembers: Amarins Romkema – lead vocals, guitar, ukulele, charango, mandoline Fiora Beuger – harmony vocals, accordion, kalimba, xylophone, piano Donné la Fontaine – double bass, ukulele, singing saw Juri Kuefner – percussion

AMARINS è presentato in Italia da ROCKETTA

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