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Bellinzago Novarese (Novara)


Sabato 9 febbraio 2013 [Orario] Dalle 22.00 alle 5.00 [Descrizione] DIRETTAMENTE DA PRAGA --- SUBURBASS --- --- RAMSES LIVE --- --- JO.INT.SOUNDSYSTEM --- [LeDiableAuCorps/FSL/Astrofonik Rec./Undergroundtekno Rec.] Prague Joel Tambour,aka Suburbass...french tekno Live performer since 1996...electronic producer since 1984...allready played in + 700 parties...+ 50 records and cds underlabels as LeDiableAuCorps ,WAR,Ballistic,Astrofonik ,TNL,Tekita,FSL,MST,ElektroKanibal,Fullbass,Undergroundtekno.. first party in 1988 at Hacienda,Manchester coz big fan of JoyDivision and Factory Records... until 85,start with 4x4 beat with sequencer and synth (Casio,Korg,Roland,Yamaha...) guitar,microphon, a such of technopop,electroclash,EBM... in 1988/89...the summer of Love,discovery of technoid tunes,housemusic (house was the name at this time of all kind of techno made at home...)ravemusic... begin of 90's,first freeparties.. 1996,finally he decided to go out with my machines to play for partypeople,and then...never stop... He is now totally addicted to the repetitive beats & travels throughout Europe (France,Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria...) with his faithful live set (machines only) and delivers a nostalgic diversity built upon his numerous sonic experiences.his current liveset is a crossover between nuskool tribecore and oldschool tekno,with acidcore,hardfloor,frenchcore tunes!!... -------INGRESSO 10€ CON UNA CONSUMAZIONE------ Cocktail____▶▶ 6 € Birra_______▶▶ 4 € - SOUND BY DOUBLEDROP FAMILY - || MORGANS ||VIA LIBERTA' 231 || || BELLINZAGO NOVARESE || (NO) || 28043 ||

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