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Under Black Helmet

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Mute’ is the first EP from the UK based duo Under Black Helmet and straight out on one of Berlin’s most vibrant and grittiest Techno labels, Moerbeck’s Code is Law.

With dark punchy kicks and strong wishful grooves it explores the realms of what is possible when producing Techno nowadays.

‘Mute’s’ hypnotic spectral voices and hard hitting kicks put you on edge , however a fine balance is created.

Although each of these tracks is unique, the brutishness of ‘Have You Ever Had A Dream’ is in perfect equilibrium with the dreamlike atmospheres on the subsequent tracks .

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‘Sabotage’ is melodic and takes you on a ride through the industrial chaos that this EP is. It’s consumed within a hyper-reverberated world that becomes increasingly expansive, culminating into an explosive midway point.

‘Lost Signal’ feels empty and the dark atmosphere pushes at the boundaries of the EP, to then soothe you through the melody which is at once painstakingly harsh and up-lifting.

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Menacing yet entirely captivating ‘Mute’ is a stellar effort from this British duo. The industrial minimalism with the locked grooves and almost peaceful atmospheric rises makes this album a dance floor killer.

However, it’s also an intricately crafted ode to the current Techno scene incorporating certain elements from the large array of styles and preferences on offer.

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