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THE ANALOG SESSION Alexander Robotnik e Ludus Pinsky

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The first Album
In February 2009, Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky put together their personal analog synths to organise and perform an Analog Session. The idea was to recreate the purely analog sound of the 70s and early 80s, which the two artists consider being the true “electronic sound”.
The Session lasted 5 days , 3 of which to set up and connect pieces of equipment and to fix sync problems and VAM malfunctioning.
7 tracks were recorded, mainly developed on improvisation.
There were 2 and sometimes 3 sequencer lines written in Midi driving 3 Midi/Cugate convertors.
Improvisation consisted in controlling the sound of the synths and playing Logan , Wasp, and JX3P.
The entire session was recorded in real-time by two cam-coders so that every sound event is documented by the video.
The session was recorded on 10 audio channels
Being all tracks mainly based on improvisation, the artists didn’t pay much attention to the their individual duration .
In the end the sessions selected for every track were more than 15 minutes long each. The less significant parts were therefore cut out both from the audio session and its video recording so that the video was still in real-time.
The video was shot by 2 static cameras ; a few shots of individual pieces of equipemnt were added in the editing but it’s essentially the real-time recording of the Analog Session.
Tracks were mainly processed by analog outboards , such as tape-echo and vintage effect boxes.
No further track was added to the originals recorded.

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