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Born and raised in a city on the sea, fascinated by nature and with a strong daydreaming attitude, Stèv makes music that blends different kinds of feelings and influences, exploring the different sides between instrumental and electronic, inspired by almost everything. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, constantly working on his musical skills, he also studied sound engineering to consolidate his technical knowledge in a more professional way, intrigued not only by melodies and harmonies but also by sound and its manipulation (often going around catching noises with a portable recorder and then integrating them into his works). It comes out an array of tunes that puts together live musical instruments, analog / digital gears, homemade percussions and field recordings along with intricate electronic programming, ranging from future sounds to minimalist instrumental composition. In addition to his studio works, he also performs live using a varied setup of several musical instruments beside live electronics (MPC, KP3, synth) playing, editing and layering everything right in front of the audience using a loop station and other live looping tricks.

STEV è presentato in Italia da PENTAGON BOOKING

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