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Wildmen formed in Rome during a fight in a bar. Giacomo Mancini (guitar) needed someone who could fight hard in an argument with some melomaniacs and suddenly, helping him out, arrived Matteo Vallicelli (drums/voice), with the attitude of one who knows it all and the hairstyle of one who actually ignores everything. After the battle the two started playing the only instruments left on the field, as it already happened to the proto jazzmen of New Orleans during the American Civil War, and from silvery bits of drums and loose guitar strings they started pulling out a stream of raw garage pop that feels like it's never gonna stop. Immediately, they were on stage, with the same violence of the Mississippi when it flows in its delta, turning each venue into a factory of whistling ears, loopy heads and, more than anything, shaking butts.

WILDMEN è presentato in Italia da ASAP Arts

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