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Out of control dance craze! First ever two song 45 RPM 7' on ALIEN SNATCH! The boston trio spit out their whole record collection and a distinct dirtbag of talent and soul with two perfect simple yet more firing songs! To get a picture, by following traces of Greg Cartwright musical history you accidentally could file the songs on the adorable REIGNING SOUNDS 'too much guitar' album or get reminded of the sadly missed JEWWS playing for a teenage twist party. TURPENTINE BROTHERS are real and kick those two smashers out in a breathless rush and made this a upbeat blueprint of a killer garage rock 7'. The wall of sound crushs on you like a blizzard. In all the hooky organ fuzz (Zack Brines), crude guitar, and trashy percussion (Tara McManus) - it's singer-guitarist Justin Hubbard raunchy darkly-reverbed shouted out vocals which make you beat the interior next to you to let the excitement out. Yeah, and on top Tara screamy backing vocals and handclaps chaos - this 45 is a knockout on yer next DJ battle! Justin and Tara began as a raw two-piece playing primal HASIL ADKINS and old-time country covers as a way to scam free drinks off of club owners. Soon Zack joined and Justin has gone on a songwriting rampage on basement blues, mid 60's soul and proto-punk which led to the first release, the remarkable 'we don't care about your good time' album on ALIVE/BOMP. Clouded in a aura of an unearthed gem it gained outstanding reviews thru out die hard lowdown rocknroll minimalists and vintage rock revivalists. The Turpentine Brothers got it down and we nothing than the greatest respect and belief for their output. Music fans - take a note for this brilliant 45!


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