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Toa Mata Band is a brand new project started by the Italian sound designer \ producer Giuseppe Acito. His idea is born by needed to play in live-set his collection of vintage drum pads, so while from long time the electro bands have relied on costumes robot-like their "alter ego", Acito decided to actually create a real robot band who play his productions, a kind of new approch to the music that he call "meccatronic music" Each band member is build using LEGO Bionicle pieces ,an ingenious system of electric motors, rubber bands and pulleys connected to the figures arms allowed them to play an array of different synthesizers, drum machines and other vintage equipment and acustic percussions. The arms are controlled by an Arduino Uno connected to an iPad or a PC running a MIDI sequencer. The "Episode1" was quite an home-made experiment and a viral-video on the web, but the next step project became concrete in the "Episode2" where the band starts to play electro tracks live and their "deus ex machina" Acito jam with them.

TOA MATA BAND è presentato in Italia da FPArtists

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