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Ramblin' Boy

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Freshly formed out of the ashes of Psycho Circus, Ramblin' Boy are a successful fusion of thrash and glam rock, imagine The Rolling Stones meets G n'R only prettier. Balancing retro rock with contemporary edginess in a way that gets the audience singing along to songs they've never heard before – as if they are old favourites, yet managing not to sound dated or corny. Crowd pleasing persona's deliver an entertaining performance, Kacey's powerful bass compliments Al's rhythmic drumming; Rossi adds evocative riffs while Austin polishes it off with a distinctive vocal that makes Steven Tyler seem dull. More than this, Ramblin' Boy are four young, sexy, attractive, talented guys with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Ramblin' Boy è presentato in Italia da LIVE NATION

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