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Need New Body Where's Black Ben? [5 Rue Christine; 2005] Last month I saw Need New Body open for the Hold Steady on an exceedingly strange bill for New York, a city of typically cohesion-minded clubs. NNB played a long, noodly set that had me going, "c'mon, man," but also, "wow, that drummer's good," and, "I hope my girlfriend, who clambered here on a sprained ankle, doesn't kill me." ("'Oh, I'm hungry.' 'Really? Cool!' 'I dunno, you want souvlaki?'"), the band achieve synthesis. But whenever they appear to be hitting their stride-- such as on the brilliant, Sun Ra-homaging "Outerspace"-- it's right back into whackhead mode. Petrified of normalcy-- something they couldn't achieve if they tried-- Need New Body undermine their own talents, and Where's Black Ben? offers little else but fodder for our epithet-slinging Hold Steady listener to dine out on. - SUONANO: Novembre. _Sabato 5: La Chiave - Catania _Domenica 6: Ambaradam – Rosolini - SR - Tbc _Lunedì 7: Tba _Martedì 8: C.P.G. - Giarre - Tbc _Mercoledì 9: Biside – Prtyzan - Cosenza _Giovedì 10: Circolo degli Artisti - Roma _Venerdì 11: Università degli Studi di Urbino – Urbino - PU _Sabato 12: Festival - Pescara _Domenica 13: Acquaragia – Mirandola - MO - INFO: WAKEUPANDREAM 349/7702287 -

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