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Mike Simonetti is a man with a pretty unimpeachable resume, starting with the founding of Troubleman Unlimited in 1993. The label started as an offshoot of a fanzine called Wanna Communicate? and has gone on to work with such diverse acts as Black Dice, Woods, Blank Dogs, Titus Andronicus, Growing, Wolf Eyes and Harvey Milk. In 2006, Simonetti sparked his dance-driven Italians Do It Better imprint with Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy, Chromatics, Desire). Now, after the breakthrough After Dark compilation and a series of limited singles, IDIB is every bit the tastemaker Troubleman is. Its icy, mechanized sounds are a fitting foil to TMU's noise rock, and Simonetti the DJ is as much the genre hopscotcher as Simonetti the label honcho, with his prized Italo collection segueing right into classic rock and esoteric electronic music.

MIKE SIMONETTI è presentato in Italia da LIVE NATION

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