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"LOVE BOAT- from beautiful Sardinia - started to performance their toilet power pop gigs during some friend's home party back in the 2006 influenced by Icnusa beer, Pacific Princess adventures, 50s rock and roll, assorted 60s bubble-pop (Archies, Monkees, Beach Boys, Zecchino d'Oro, and the early Elton John) and R'n'B/Gospel, even by modern garage attitude Black Lips and Demon's Claw alike. Everybody at these bathroom shows realized that trio's stuff was too contagious and funny as hell so the band booked for crazy wedding receptions and graduation parties. The game became vice soon at this point. The band recorded at the Outside Inside Studio a first batch of tunes which a couple has released on 7" vinyl by the italian label Shake Your Ass Records in fall 2007. The debut single got a lot of great reviews all around the globe so ALIEN SNATHC RECORDS! got an eye to the band's rockin pop askin' more stuff for a full-lenght. After another recording sessions at the Outside Inside Studio the band set up another batch of great dancefloor hits. So here you go, man, you finally got it right now! Just a dirty dozen of sweet numbers full of goood vibrations. Listen to this drunken encyclopedia of amazing rockin' tunes and loveboatomize yourself waiting for their upcoming Euro-tour in next November/December 2008."

LOVE BOAT è presentato in Italia da OTIS TOURS

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