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BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER: Julia Kent & Paul Beauchamp & Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo Blind Cave Salamander presenta il loro nuovo lavoro “Wet Stone”, insolito mix di elettronica, archi e chitarre, drones e field recordings. Il trio è composto da: - Paul Beauchamp: elettronica, sega musicale; - Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: chitarra, viola elettrica, voce - Julia Kent: violoncello, elettronica, video “Wet Stone" is Blind Cave Salamander's 3rd full length studio album and the first since 2009's "Troglobite" besides their collaborative releases of improvised music with Jochen Arbeit (from Einsturzende Neubauten Automat, Die Haut) and Nurse With Wound. "Wet Stone" has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Milanesio at O.F.F. Studio Torino and features very special guest vocalist Gordon Sharp from Cindytalk and This Mortal Coil on three tracks and an original cover picture by Wladd Muta. “Wet Stone” will be released October 2014 by Wendy Van Dusen & Christopher Nagel's record label Zos Kia Sounds Listen and download the album opener "Palamita" at Originally born as the electro-acoustic project of Paul Beauchamp (also member of Almagest!) and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (from Larsen, R in parentheses, Almagest!) backed up in studio by sound designer, producer and engineer Marco Milanesio, but soon joined by Canadian cello player Julia Kent, Blind Cave Salamander has established itself as an alchemical unit since their first album released in 2007. The trio creates an unusual mix of electronica, strings and guitars, drones and field recordings; a collection of finely wrought sounds that at times lean towards hypnotic lullabies and at others towards abstraction, a hybrid of the natural and the synthetic of which, like the Proteus, the pale-skinned, cave-dwelling amphibian that lends its name to the project, BIind Cave Salamander unravel shadowy, nocturnal landscapes.


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